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Distance Education

The Department of Academic Innovation & Distance Education provides support for BHCC’s distance education courses and platforms. All of our BHCC courses use a Learning Management System called “Moodle.” If you are teaching or taking a Web or Hybrid course, or your face-to-face course uses Moodle, our office is here to support you!

If you are taking a web course, you will see your course on Moodle on the first day of class.  Check the Academic Calendar for course start dates.  


Students who are new to web courses are strongly urged to participate in the Virtual Orientation. Although not mandatory, participating in the live orientation will help you gain a better grasp of the guidelines and expectations for being a successful web student at Bunker Hill Community College. You will also be given a demonstration on using Moodle, the College’s online Learning Management System (LMS). However, if you are unable to participate in the live orientation, don’t worry - a recorded version of the orientation will be emailed to WB students before the semester begins.

Virtual Orientations will be offered two weeks prior to the start of Fall semesters.  Dates will be posted on the AIDE website each fall.  

For Faculty Teaching with Moodle

AIDE provides support for Faculty using Distance Education Tools. Please visit the For Faculty & Staff page.

Distance Education Course Offerings

BHCC’s distance education courses offer a flexible, convenient option to motivated learners seeking an alternative to traditional classroom education. All BHCC web and hybrid courses are fully accredited and transferable to many other institutions.

Bunker Hill Community College offers two exciting options for distance learning:

  • Web courses:  These internet-based courses allow students to complete their coursework anywhere they have access to a computer and the internet.
  • Hybrid courses:  These courses combine traditional classroom components with online learning experiences and activities.

To find out more about BHCC’s programs of study, visit our online program list. You can also search for Web and Hybrid courses online.

Bunker Hill Community College is committed to using the most advanced technologies to enable teaching and learning for a diverse population. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 617-228-3427 or e-mail us at onlinehelp@bhcc.edu

Technical Requirements for Distance Education Tools

  • Microsoft Office: (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher) will be required for your courses. Office 2010 recommended. BHCC Students have free access to Office 365 (add link)
  • Web Browsers: Mozilla Firefox (most recommended browser for Moodle - latest version)

Students who do not have access to a computer at home may use computers on campus. Computers are available at the Charlestown campus in the Center for Self-Directed Learning (Room H165), Library (3rd Floor, E Building) or Academic Computing (Room D111).

How to Register for Web Courses

Students register for web courses the same way that they register for any course at Bunker Hill. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section for more details on this.

You can also go to the College’s Registration page for more registration information.

A few things to keep in mind when considering web courses:

  • Web courses (also known as online courses, which have a designation of “-WB, -WB1, -WB2,” etc.) are fully online courses. You do not need to come onto campus to take a web course, although you are always welcome to use the computers at the College to do online coursework;
  • Generally, students can log into web courses via Moodle (our Learning Management System - LMS) at any time that is convenient and are not required to log in at a particular time or on a certain day of the week;
  • Some web courses require that you come to take an exam or require a timed exam using specialized software and a webcam. Your instructor will provide additional information about any testing procedures that might be necessary for your course. Please be sure to review the course syllabus on the first day of class to confirm that you are able to meet the necessary obligations to complete the course;
  • Students can typically expect to spend about 6-10 hours per week working on each of their web courses, including reading time, studying, completing assignments or problem sets, etc. This is only a guideline and might vary depending upon the individual student and the course;
  • Although there is no specific time to meet during the week, web courses are not self-paced courses; they do have deadlines, just as in a standard course;
  • You need to have regular access to a computer and to a high speed Internet connection to be able to work in Moodle (the learning system where your web course would be located).

Support for Students Taking Web Courses

Studying at Bunker Hill Community College as an online student offers many opportunities for personal and professional growth. We offer many that will help you become an active learner and assist you in reaching your professional and academic goals:

  • Online Tutoring: distance education students have access to SMARTHINKING, an online tutoring service which provides tutoring and academic support for core courses in mathematics, statistics, economics, accounting and writing. Students may work live one-on-one with a tutor, or submit questions or papers for asynchronous feedback. This 24//7 service is available free to students. You can access this online tutoring service through your Moodle page.
  • Online Library services: Online students may apply for a library card number without having to come to campus in-person! Simply by filling out an application, you can apply for a library account. You will then have remote access to the Library’s databases, catalog, and your library account. For more information and to get started on the application, please visit the Library website at https://www.bhcc.edu/library/libraryservices/distancelearning
  • Access to a dedicated Coordinator of Online Student Support Services. Sometimes, finding information on a website can be a challenge, or you may have a question that needs targeted support. If you are taking Web or Hybrid courses and need assistance with any aspect of your educational experience you can email or call our Coordinator, Katie Turner (kturner@bhcc.mass.edu). Katie will help you navigate to the office that can best help with your question.