Basic English as a Second Language (BESL) Classes

BESL offerings are non-credit courses intended for students with limited knowledge of the English language who want to advance to Academic ESL courses. Classes prepare English learners for college classes, the board room or life in the community. If your goal is to earn a certificate or degree at Bunker Hill Community College, to advance at work or just start to improve your English skills, the Basic ESL program is for you.



Basic English Speak/Listen & Read/WriteBLL-001E

This introductory course is for non-native speakers who want to begin learning English. 

SectionDatesClass DaysTimeInstructorFeeRegister
BLL-001E-FM1Sep 14-Dec 16Mon, Wed6-7:50 p.m.TBA$389
BLL-001E-FS2Sep 19-Dec 19Sat12-3:40 p.m.TBA$389
BLL-001E-FS1Sep 19-Dec 19Sat8:15-11:55 a.m.TBA$389

Speak/Listen & Read/Write Level 1BSL-001E

(Online Cambridge Tested Level is your Tested Level A1+)

This Level 1 class provides the foundation for the four primary skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Related skills such as vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, meaning and usage will also be covered.  

SectionDatesClass DaysTimeInstructorFeeRegister
BSL-001E-F03Sep 14-Dec 16Mon, Wed11 a.m. - 12:50 p.m.Philomena Benedict$389
BSL-001E-FM1Sep 14-Dec 16Mon, Wed6-7:50 p.m.Philomena Benedict$389
BSL-001E-F01Sep 15-Dec 17Tue, Thu8-9:50 a.m.Joseph Sanchez$389
BSL-001E-FH1Sep 17-Dec 17Thu6-9:40 p.m.Philomena Benedict$389
BSL-001E-F02Sep 18-Dec 18Fri8-11:55 a.m.Joseph Sanchez$389
BSL-001E-FS1Sep 19-Dec 19Sat8:15-11:55 a.m.Kristi Talagan$389

Speak/Listen/Read/Write llBSL-002E

(Online Cambridge Tested Level is your Tested Level A1+ or A2)

This Level 2 class will offer an integrated-skills approach to learning English. Students will read longer articles, discuss them in groups, answer comprehension questions and write paragraphs and short essays as well as practice listening and speaking skills.  

SectionDatesClass DaysTimeInstructorFeeRegister
BSL-002E-F02Sep 14-Dec 16Mon, Wed10-11:50 a.m.TBA$389
BSL-002E-F01Sep 14-Dec 16Mon, Wed8-9:50 a.m.Joseph Sanchez$389
BSL-002E-F03Sep 15-Dec 17Tue, Thu11 a.m. - 12:50 p.m.Elza Ramos$389
BSL-002E-FT1Sep 15-Dec 15Tue5-8:40 p.m.Philomena Benedict$389
BSL-002E-FH1Sep 17-Dec 17Thu6-9:45 p.m.Jean-Dany Joachim$389
BSL-002E-F04Sep 18-Dec 18Fri8-11:40 a.m.Alessandro Massaro$389
BSL-002E-FS1Sep 19-Dec 19Sat12-3:40 p.m.TBA$389
BSL-002E-FS2Sep 19-Dec 19Sat8:15-11:55 a.m.Alessandro Massaro$389

Speak/Listen & Read/Write Level IIIBSL-003E

This Level 3 class offers an integrated-skills approach to learning English. Students will read longer articles and make short presentations. They will further develop their English language proficiency in grammar and vocabulary through reading, writing and discussion in the context of varying themes.

SectionDatesClass DaysTimeInstructorFeeRegister
BSL-003E-F05Sep 14-Dec 16Mon, Wed11 a.m. - 12:50 p.m.Elza Ramos$389
BSL-003E-FM1Sep 14-Nov 18Mon, Wed6-7:50 p.m.Guiomar Sumrall$389
BSL-003E-F02Sep 15-Dec 17Tue, Thu8-9:50 p.m.TBA$389
BSL-003E-FT2Sep 15-Dec 15Tue6-9:40 p.m.TBA$389
BSL-003E-FT1Sep 15-Dec 17Tue, Thu6-7:50 p.m.Dmitriy Nikolayev$389
BSL-003E-FS1Sep 19-Dec 19Sat8:15-11:55 a.m.TBA$389
BSL-003E-FS2Sep 19-Dec 19Sat12-3:40 p.m.Dmitriy Nikolayev$389
BSL-003E-FSUSep 20-Dec 20Sun12-3:40 p.m.TBA$389

Speak/Listen and Read/Write Level 4 BSL-004E

In BSL-004, students will continue developing the primary skills they learned in BSL-001 through BSL-003. We’ll strengthen writing skills using techniques such as writing multiple drafts, revising, editing and proofreading. The course will prepare students to deliver oral presentations to large groups using visual aids, secondary sources and level-appropriate vocabulary. Students will read articles, hold in-class discussions and debates, work in groups and write reflections in order to interact naturally in English. 

This class offers considerable practice with pronunciation and accent modification.

SectionDatesClass DaysTimeInstructorFeeRegister
BSL-004E-F02Sep 15-Dec 17Tue, Thu8-9:45 a.m.Elza Ramos$389
BSL-004E-FS1Sep 19-Dec 19Sat12-3:40 p.m.TBA$389