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Intensive English Program Advancement Policy

Full-Time Study vs. Part-Time Study

Student Status Study Option Eligible for Computerized Final Next Steps for Advancement
Full-Time Study 6 weeks study (120 hours)
5 weeks study (100 hours)
Yes Take the computerized final exam.
Part-Time Study 3 weeks study (60 hours)
2 weeks study (40 hours)
No To be considered for advancement, a student must enroll in a five or six-week study.

What Type of Student Am I in the Intensive English Program (IEP)?

There are two types of students participating in the IEP at BHCC: Full-time study and Part-time study students.

Full-Time Study

Full-time study students are those who meet the minimum of 100 classroom hours of study and are eligible to take the computerized final exam.

  • For the Weekday Program you must be enrolled in five or six weeks of study per course level

Part-Time Study

Part-time study students are those who purchase two or three weeks of study.  These students cannot advance levels.

  • For the Weekday Program, this is if you are enrolled in only two or three weeks of study per course level

Part-time study students include non-immigrant visa holders.

Part-time study students will receive an “AU” audit grade at the end of their course experience.

Exception: Students who buy a combination of sections to achieve the five or six week study for financial reasons are considered full-time study students. 

How Do I Pass The Course?

Only full-time study students are eligible for level advancement.  To advance, students must achieve the four activities listed below:

  1. Achieve a score of 70% or higher in the computerized final. (This final is administered during the last week of the six-week course.)
  2. Pass five out of six speaking quizzes
  3. Pass five out of six writing quizzes
  4. Complete assignments in the online workbook outside of class time

What Grade Do I Get At The End Of The Class?

A grade of Pass (“P”) or Fail (“F”) is given at the end of the class. P indicates satisfactory completion of coursework.  It is equivalent to a grade of C or higher. F is equivalent to a numerical grade of 0 -69.  A “P” grade will allow you to advance to the next level while an “F” grade means you will have to repeat the level.

An “AU” grade is given only to part-time students.

Does the Learning Management System (LMS) Give Me a Grade?

Yes, the LMS from Cambridge University Press give you a letter grade based on your tests and the work you do in the online workbook.  In the LMS, grading is weighted as follows:

Completion of units in the Online Workbook  15% of your LMS grade 
Computerized Final Exam  65% of your LMS grade 
Speaking Quizzes  10% of your LMS grade 
Writing Quizzes  10% of your LMS grade 

The final computerized exam is weighted heavily at 65% along with the other three parts to make up your final grade. (You must complete each unit in the online workbook to get the full credit.) 

In the Cambridge University Press Learning Management System (LMS), you will receive an A, B, C, D, F or AU grade. You need to get a C or higher in the LMS to get a Pass grade at BHCC.  A “P” grade allows you to advance to the next level. 


At your request, the program will generate a certificate upon the conclusion of the course. You will either receive a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Participation.  A Certificate of Completion means you have successfully passed the course while a Certificate of Participation means you enrolled as an Audit student or had failed the course. In either case, the certificate will list the course level, the weeks of study purchased, classroom hours attended, the semester, term, and year of completion or participation.

Minimum Classroom Hours Required

In the Intensive English program at Bunker Hill Community College, language learners are required to have a minimum of 100 of classroom study hours to become eligible to take the computerized final exam at the end of the six week course. Therefore, students who wish to be considered for advancement must enroll in a five or six-week study in the  program. 

Repeating Levels

Students who fail a course may repeat it again as a full-time study student at a future term when it is offered.  A student may only repeat the course twice. Upon failing the course a second time, the student will be referred to another English language program within Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) such as Basic ESL, a non-intensive English language class.

In special cases, students may return to the IEP at BHCC and retake the full placement test to determine their new level placement. A placement beyond the level they had failed will enable them to enroll in the next level.