The Language Institute

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The BHCC Language Institute offers different language courses for different needs. From full-time 20 hour per week Intensive English to Spanish for Beginners, the Language Institute can provide the right instruction for your language needs.

  • Our full time Intensive English Program is designed to help international students who need to acquire enough English to go on to full-time college study preparing for a certificate or degree program.
  • Students will study in blocks of 7-week sessions and can engage in this preparation right before enrolling into either academic ELL or a degree/certificate program. 
  • BELL or Basic English Language Learning instruction is an affordable program offered at convenient times: day, night and weekends, enabling working students to learn English and prepare for college.
  • TOEFL Preparation features up-to-date, realistic practice tests and cooperative learning strategies designed to familiarize students with the test format and develop test-taking strategies that improve their scores.
  • Beginning Spanish and Beginning French are designed for people with little or no background in the languages, with a convenient weekend schedule, for your job, in your community or for travel.

Download the Learn English flyer.

English Placement

If you are interested in taking classes in the Basic English Language Learning (BELL) program or the Intensive English Program follow these steps to start the process. If you are a new English Language Learner at the college, and want to figure out the best English language program for you, you should follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Create a new account in our system using the link below. This account will be used to create a student ID for you. You need this number to complete Step 2. On this page, click the “Create Account” button at the bottom of the page. **If you already have a student ID from the college, skip this step and move to Step 2. Register for your student ID here.
  • Step 2: Start by completing the ELL Guided Self-Placement (GSP). This assessment will tell you which English Language program is right for you based on your proficiency level.
  • Step 3: Contact Sonia Sharma at or 617-228-2462 for information on BELL classes, or for Intensive English classes. If you are unsure about which English language program you wish to take, complete steps 1 and 2.