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About the Office

Bunker Hill Community College’s commitment to service is articulated through the College’s mission statement and enacted through its College goals. As Massachusetts’ largest community college, BHCC strives “to enhance its position as a primary educational and economic asset for the Commonwealth through cooperative planning and program implementation involving neighboring institutions of higher education, the public schools, community organizations, and area businesses.” The College’s vision statement pledges an “investment in the social and economic well-being of its communities.” This civic mission unites the College community, providing direction for the institution’s programs and a framework for defining College goals.

BHCC’s cyclical strategic planning process draws upon the perspectives of more than 100 community leaders to establish College goals that are aligned with BHCC’s civic values. Every three years, the institution holds a dynamic strategic planning event that involves business and civic leaders and the College community in developing goals that subsequently frame the College’s operational budget. A College-wide goal to “Promote Civic Engagement and Leadership” was instituted in the 2006-09 planning cycle. 2010-13 College Goals include an objective to “strengthen and coordinate public and private sector pathways and partnerships leading to college readiness; student internships; dual enrollment; mentoring, career opportunities; civic engagement and learning communities.”

BHCC’s Office of Community Engagement has been staffed with a full-time Coordinator since 2008. In FY12, the College supported the Office with an operating budget of $143,123. A faculty advocate was identified to expand the Office’s reach, a part-time staff person was hired to support growth, and a faculty advisory board was assembled to help shape and carry out the Office’s mission.