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To succeed in the fast-paced, high-pressure business landscape of the twenty-first century, organizations must cultivate an environment that supports leadership development.

In partnership with AchieveGlobal, The Workforce Development Center at Bunker Hill Community College is pleased to offer Boston area businesses quality leadership workshops designed for individual contributors, frontline leaders and middle-managers. Our certified AchieveGlobal trainers are effective facilitators who have experience in leading these workshops.

AchieveGlobal helps organizations translate business strategies into business results by developing the skills and performance of their people. Their core content, all research-based, centers around leadership development and stellar customer service. AchieveGlobal believes that the level of human skills will determine organization success and here is the core of AG’s philosophy and it’s one we subscribe to as well: Until people take action, goals and strategies are nothing but words. Your success depends on people who are equipped with the right skills,  energized to do the right activities at the right time. Think. Learn. Solve problems. Listen. Motivate. Explain. AchieveGlobal are experts in developing these skills. People with these skills have a bright future in the twenty-first century. AchieveGlobal prepares you for that world. 

Recently, AG was named a top 20 Leadership Training company by Training Industry, Inc. AchieveGlobal demonstrated excellence in providing leadership training critical for driving business success. It demonstrated outstanding methodologies, customized design and delivery capabilities. 

Bunker Hill Community College, along with over 150 select community colleges across the nation with substantial corporate and custom training capabilities, have established a training partnership with AchieveGlobal.  As a result, small and mid-sized businesses in Greater Boston now have access to time-tested, research-based training programs that boost leadership and customer service skills.

In addition, the Workforce Development Center also offers other leadership courses that can be customized to the unique requirements of the business.

Leadership Development

Achieving Results Through Genuine Leadership
Achieving Results Through Genuine Leadership - Develop Level Programs
Achieving Results Through Genuine Leadership - Deliver Level Programs
Achieving Results Through Genuine Leadership - Module Skill Map
Achieving Success by Activating Change
Building Trust Under Pressure: The Basic Principles
Change Is a Given: Now What?
Creating a Change-Capable Workforce
Leader vs. Manager: What’s the Distinction?‌
Profiles in Genuine Leadership

Stellar Customer Service

Achieving Stellar Service Experiences
Achieving Stellar Service Experiences - Module Skill Map
Coaching for Stellar Service
Creating Stellar Customer Relations
The Four Keys to Customer Loyalty
Meeting Challenge Stellar Service
Selling Through Stellar Service