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Graduation Requirement Modification (GRM) Policy

This policy is intended as an accommodation for a very limited number of students who may be eligible for a modified BHCC graduation requirement. BHCC students are required to meet all program requirements for graduation.   Students may be eligible for modified graduation requirements in extremely rare cases and at the sole discretion of the College.

Students with a disability and are registered with DSS may seek a Graduation requirement modification as a reasonable accommodation.  All requests for modification will be considered by DSS in consultation with the appropriate academic dean.  Any GRM’s that results in the fundamental alteration of the requirements of a degree program shall not be considered a reasonable accommodation.   A GRM might include an alternative learning experience,  substitution of another course or waiver of a requirement. If approved, the GRM will  accommodate the student’s documented disability,  while  aligning with the academic outcomes and intent of the college’s course and/or graduation requirements. 

 Modifications made at previous institutions (including high school) are not automatically accepted at BHCC, and in turn, those made at BHCC may not be accepted for transfer at other institutions.

 To be considered for graduation under modified requirements, a
student must have:

  1. Matriculated in a program of study for at least one (1) academic year.
  2. Registered with Disability Support Services (DSS).
  3. Provided documentation of a  disability by a qualified health care provider, including a  licensed physician or psychologist.   This documentation must relate to the GRM requested.
  4. Diagnostic reports must include the names, titles and professional credentials of the evaluators, as well as the date(s) of testing.
  5. Attained reasonable success in non-modified required courses
  6. Demonstrated that a reasonable attempt or attempts have been made at BHCC to satisfy the requirements using all available DSS supports and/or services.

To obtain a GRM, you must complete the GRM process.  Completing this process does not guarantee that a GRM will be approved.

  • Step 1: Student completes the Petition for Graduation Requirement Modification form. The Petition for Graduation Modification Request form can be obtained from your Academic Dean's Office.
  • Step 2: Student submits completed Petition Form to DSS for verification.
  • Step 3: DSS verifies student is registered with the office, ensures that the documented disability relates to the GRM requested, and that relevant support services have been accessed.
  • Step 4:  DSS submits completed form to the appropriate Academic Dean.
  • Step 5: DSS and Academic Dean evaluate and determine whether GRM is an effective and reasonable accommodation in light of the student’s disability or whether the GRM would result in the fundamental alteration of the requirements of the degree program.
  • Step 7: The student is notified by DSS of the decision and any next steps via their BHCC email account within 30 days of receipt of the request.