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Welcome to the ELL Department

 Welcome to the ELL Department

The English Language Learning (ELL) program at BHCC serves, immigrants from all over the world,  whose first language is not English including those who reside in the area as well as students on temporary visas

Whether you have an advanced degree from your own country and need English proficiency to continue your profession or you are a new student, BHCC's ELL program will prepare you to participate more fully in your school, college, university and professional life. Many students who take academic ELL at BHCC have the goal of transferring to a 4 year university.

The academic ELL program is one of three programs that serve English Language Learners at BHCC. BHCC also offers ELL courses in the noncredit BESL program and the Intensive English program. (hyperlink those) For information regarding the Basic English Program, Intensive English Program, and the Academic English program, contact the Advising Center (link)

Students are required to take placement testakes place in our Assessment Center, Room B118 on the Charlestown Campus in order to identify the program and level that is suitable for their degree of proficiency.