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ESL Courses Overview

Credit Courses-“English as a Second Language/Academic”

All courses are taught with reading, writing, and grammar.




Optional for Levels I, II, III Pronunciation for Academic and Professional Success (ESL-083)

Theme-based classes (pairs are taken together):

  • ESL-074, ESL-075, ESL-078, ESL-079 Language Learning Strategies (cluster of four classes taken together)
  • ESL-088, ESL-089 US History theme
  • ESL-086 US History theme
  • ESL-088 US History theme
  • ESL-088, ESL-089 Poetry and Literature theme
  • ESL-096, ESL-097 Literature of the Immigrant Experience theme
  • ESL-097 The World of Business theme
  • ESL-096, ESL-097 The World of Business theme
  • ESL-098, ESL-099 Topics in Health Issues theme

ESL Learning Community Clusters

ESL Level A3 classes combined with credit college courses
Taking a Learning Communities cluster may exempt a student from ESL-096 (with professor’s consent)

  • ESL Computer Learning Community
  • ESL Psychology Learning Community
  • ESL Sociology Learning Community
  • ESL US History Learning Community