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People and Culture

You will find Americans to be very welcoming and friendly. They speak openly and directly and find humor in everything, including their language. Because English is so rich with double meanings for many words, Americans will often "play" with their language - so bear this in mind if you are still learning the vocabulary!

Americans believe very strongly that all people are created equally and that everyone should have the opportunity to succeed regardless of his or her race, gender or religion. Many believe that success can only be obtained through individual effort, so they tend to be very self-reliant and, at times, competitive.

It is often difficult to determine an American's economic status by looking at him or her, because they tend to dress casually and comfortably. Many businesses and schools have very liberal dress codes or none at all. Regardless of status, Americans tend to dress to satisfy their individual tastes and comfort and not out of concern for "what other people will say."

While you will discover many differences in people's characteristics depending upon the location of the country you are visiting, overall, Americans like to be comfortable and practical in everything they do. Don't be afraid to explore the many cultural differences between you by making friends and engaging in activities with the many diverse and interesting people you will meet here. The more things you are able to share, the easier your transition will be. We suggest you make the most of your time here by taking photographs or keeping a journal. After you return to your home country, you will treasure these memories for many years to come.

If you do choose to keep a car during your time in Boston, you will need to register it and obtain the necessary insurance and neighborhood parking permits. For additional information about automobile regulations and restrictions, please visit www.mass.gov.