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Library's Strategic Plan

New Mission, Collection and Strategic Plan to come - please see below for the 2012-2018 Plan.



The Bunker Hill Community College Library & Learning Commons

Mission, Collection and Strategic Plan 2012-2018

The Bunker Hill Community College Library & Learning Commons (BHCC L & LC) 2012-2018 Strategic Plan is positioned within the framework of Bunker Hill Community College's (BHCC) mission, values and vision.

As our and other libraries enter a new decade that moves with extraordinary momentum, our BHCC librarians and library staff expect to build on lessons learned from the past.  

In addition, we will take opportunities to continue and improve the accomplishments of our library and information science discipline as well as our modern environment. 

BHCC Library's Long-Range Goals and Strategic Plan 2012 – 2018

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Collection Development and Weeding processes to fully integrate the library’s resources and services with the College’s curriculum and strategic priorities.

Objective 1.1: Integrate information literacy skills instruction into the general education curriculum.

Objective 1.2: Make library collections and services accessible and available in BHCC’s Course Management System (Moodle, Blackboard), including Virtual Reference and Instruction, Ask-A-Librarian, LibGuides, Streaming Videos, electronic content, such as e-books, e-journals, course reserves, and digital libraries.

Objective 1.3: Build strong relationships with faculty through liaisons, outreach, and embedded librarians.

Objective 1.4: Build strong connections with students and student associations.

Objective 1.5: Make and maintain connections with academic support services, such as the Language Lab, Tutoring, and Writing Center to support the critical thinking, reading, and writing needs of students.

Objective 1.6: Ensure that the library is student-centered through asking students for his/her ‘likes’ ‘dislikes’ ‘preferences’ ‘satisfaction’, and academic needs especially in consideration of the digital age and costs of designing and maintaining effective library’s resources, services, and spaces.

Objective 1.7: Identify and develop data and statistics, and assessment and discussion of findings in order to continuously improve library’s resources, services, and staff.

This goal and objectives align with the following College Long-Range Goals:

-Expand Technology throughout the College
-Foster Wellness, Growth, and Lifelong Learning
-Institute a Culture of Evidence and Accountability

Goal 2: Facilitate the seamless, timely delivery of scholarly materials in the format desired by students, faculty, and staff through a multiplicity of delivery channels available to a Modern Library in a digital age.

Objective 2.1: Decrease the physical book collection, through Collection Development and Weeding Process, such as replace our outdated print books in the STEAM areas (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics; and in allied health and nursing)

Objective 2.2: Increase electronic resources, including such as e-books and articles databases with high quality scholarly materials

Objective 2.3: Grow awareness about BHCC library’s access and circulation policies:

                     Student Borrowing Policy

                     Faculty Borrowing Policy

                     Staff Borrowing Policy

                     Community Borrowing Policy

                     Non-BHCC Student Borrowing Policy

                     Virtual Access

                     Other Policies A to Z

                     Cell Phones

                     Closing Times

                     Collection Development, including Strategic Plan

                     Computers and Electronic Resources


                     Food and Drink

                     Noise and Behavior



                     Stealing or Defacing Materials

Objective 2.4: Change the library’s current internal line item budget formulas to best support strategic initiatives and reflect a Modern Library in a Digital Age

Objective 2.5: Increase faculty/student ‘Do-It-Yourself’ services through smart use of technology, such as RFID (radio frequency identification, apps….) that ‘fosters wellness, growth, and lifelong learning.”

This goal and objectives align with the following College Long-Range Goals

-Expand Technology throughout the College
-Foster Wellness, Growth, and Lifelong Learning
-Institute a Culture of Evidence and Accountability


Goal 3: Renovate and modernize the existing library space but until then, leverage the library’s existing space to create a variety of flexible, welcoming learning spaces that fulfill the educational and social needs of the campus community.

Objective 3.1: Create additional student space through the development and implementation of a weeding policy which is part of a continuous and day-by-day process.

Objective 3.2: Make library classroom E319 open to students when there is no library instruction activity in that space.

Objective 3.3: Design library’s space to maximize natural light, a variety of furniture designs and color pallets, and furnishings

Objective 3.4: More Wi-Fi to meet student demand for individual and collaborative library spaces

Objective 3.5: Meet the demand for quiet space designed to support those students who prefer to work individually and in an environment that promotes focus, concentration, and thought.

Objective 3.6: Redevelop, renovate, and modernize space to create a Learning Commons with the word ‘Library” in the description as in Library and Learning Commons.

Objective 3.7: Build a versatile high-tech computer classroom that invites our students and faculty to avail themselves of library instruction services as well as, when feasible, fulfill the faculty’s need for computer classroom space with/without a librarian.

Objective 3.8: Remedy the lack of assistive and adaptive technologies for students and faculty who require them through identification and purchase of said technologies.

This goal and objectives align with the following College Long-Range Goals

-Expand Technology throughout the College
-Foster Wellness, Growth, and Lifelong Learning
-Institute a Culture of Evidence and Accountability


Goal 4: Expand the library’s reach through broader engagement with the community and beyond.

Objective 4.1: Support and increase our community engagement efforts through partnerships with community organizations and academic departments, as well as archival and digitization projects.      
*4.1.1: Digital Public Libraries: To support the College’s Innovation and Sustainability Long-Range Goal and Objectives.

Objective 4.2: Develop a library outreach plan to promote the library’s collection, facilities, and services to the community both physical and virtual

Objective 4.3: Successfully revise and support our Librarian/Faculty Liaison initiative to a proactive program that clarifies responsibilities and expectations for participants, strengthens and supports the role of the library as a hub of academic life, and improves communication and outreach to academic programs, non-academic programs, departments and college both physical and virtual.

Objective 4.4: Gain a better understanding of our students’ needs and information-seeking behaviors and habits using student qualitative research methods, including interviews, focus groups, and ethnographic strategies.

Objective 4.5: Continue to building and strengthen relationships with peer educational institutions with similar missions and long-range goal and plans, including building relationships through associations, consortia, consortium, and networks.

Objective 4.6: Collaborate with the College’s Institutional Research Office to collect, analyze, and use data for assessment of Information Literacy skills instruction, as well evaluate effectiveness of Library’s resources and services.

Objective 4.7: Collaborate with the College’s Grants and Advancement Office to create special collections and uniqueness of the College’s Pathways and Partnerships to Promote Student Success, Demonstrate Strength through Diversity and Inclusion goal and objectives. Our diversity includes diversity in how we select and support our librarians and staff especially our student workers.

Objective 4.8: Continue the College’s support for staff development, including professional development for librarians in international, national, regional, state, and local learning communities and communities of practice.

Objective 4.9: Gain a better understanding of the needs of a living organism which is the Library, and our students, faculty, and staff and the changing needs of persons in a digital age.

This goal and objectives align with the following College Long-Range Goals

-Expand Technology throughout the College
-Foster Wellness, Growth, and Lifelong Learning
-Institute a Culture of Evidence and Accountability


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Library Mission Statement

"The mission of Bunker Hill Community College Library & Learning Commons is to support teaching excellence and diverse learning in the community college setting, and to provide facilities to support a variety of learners and learning styles; to provide library resources and services which support the BHCC community; to encourage academic achievement, student success, and lifelong learning; and to enhance the education environment."


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