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Planned Activities 2013-2014

  1. Strengthen programs through integration of academics with CTE Programs. Proposed activities will include but not be limited to: meetings of College (CTE) and secondary vocational-technical (CVTE) faculty to review alignment between Math (academic) & CVTE (technical) programs as well as secondary and postsecondary programs. Some of the activity will be a ‘cross-training’ form of workshop with a joint team of College ‘academic’ and ‘technical’ faculty.. Additional activities pending.
  2. Link CVTE/CTE at the secondary and post-secondary levels. Activities will include but not be limited to: a two-week ‘Summer Career Days’ for high school students; faculty teams to improve the relationships between the College and CVTE high schools, ‘College Day’ student visits to BHCC, Dual-enrollment classes in CTE areas for high school students, new and updated articulation agreements with area CVTE high schools and more CVTE to CTE information on the College website. Conduct an ‘Open House’ for up to 300 students from the Boston Public Schools.
  3. Provide strong understanding and experience in all aspects of industry. Activities will include but not be limited to: joint meetings between CTE faculty and representatives from high skill, high pay, new and emerging occupations to ensure appropriate program offerings. Additional activities pending.
  4. Develop, improve, and/or expand use of technology in CTE. Activities will include but not be limited to: continue to develop the new online portal; expand the use of online options for career awareness and assessment.
  5. Provide professional development of faculty, administrators and counselors. Activities will include but not be limited to: inform faculty, staff and administration of current Perkins requirements and opportunities; conduct workshops to identify and close workforce gaps; and design/develop additional activities based upon a faculty/staff assessment of needs. Additional activities pending.
  6. Develop and implement evaluations of CTE programs. Activities will include but not be limited to: conduct student focus groups; transcribe and code session transcripts; perform qualitative analysis of the results using state-of-the-art software.  Obtain artifacts from the College’s ePortfolio system to assess student learning outcomes. Administer and analyze student survey results using the College’s online survey system providing qualitative data for Performance Indicators. Conduct quantitative analysis for Performance Indicators with the College’s business intelligence system.
  7. Initiate, improve, expand, modernize CTE programs, especially technology. Conduct research to identify workforce gaps in CTE programs and develop/introduce new certificate/degree programs as deemed appropriate. Continue the development and integration of online instructional options.
  8. Prepare special populations for high skill, high wage, high demand jobs. Activities will include but not be limited to: Continue the use of Intuitional Research to analyze data and develop/implement strategies to increase the participation and completion rates of students in programs nontraditional for their gender. Continue to learn about and incorporate new technology/strategies for assisting students with disabilities and training faculty at the same time.
  9. Improve performance in Core Indicators. Activities will include but not be limited to those described in the College’s Improvement Plan sections 2P1 (Completion), 3P1 (Retention) and 4P1 (Placement) as submitted to DESE for this academic year. Additional activities to be developed as year progresses.