Bunker Hill Community College

Bunker Hill Community College

 World Studies Emphasis

Choose five courses from only the following areas*:

*please review specific course descriptions for prerequisites


Course TitleCourse #CreditsDepartment
World Regional Geography GEO-101 3 History and Social Sciences


Course TitleCourse #CreditsDepartment
History of Modern Europe in a Global Context HIS-102 3 History and Social Sciences
Ancient, Classical and Medieval History HIS-103 3 History and Social Sciences
History of the Pre-Modern World HIS-111 3 History and Social Sciences
Modern World History HIS-112 3 History and Social Sciences
US History: Colonization through the Civil War HIS-151 3 History and Social Sciences
US History: Reconstruction to the Present HIS-152 3 History and Social Sciences
The American Civil Rights Movement HIS-230 3 History and Social Sciences
African American History HIS-231 3 History and Social Sciences
Asian American History HIS-232 3 History and Social Sciences

Languages (all levels)

Course TitleCourse #CreditsDepartment
Arabic ARB 3 Global Languages
Mandarin Chinese CHN 3 Global Languages
French FRE 3 Global Languages
Italian ITL 3 Global Languages
Japanese JPN 3 Global Languages
Portuguese POR 3 Global Languages
Russian RUS 3 Global Languages 
Spanish SPN 3 Global Languages


Course TitleCourse #CreditsDepartment
Literature in America I LIT-203 3 English
Literature in America II LIT-204 3 English
Masterpieces of World Literature I LIT-211 3 English
Masterpieces of World Literature II LIT-212 3 English
African Literature LIT-219 3 English
Contemporary African American Literature LIT-220 3 English
Latin American Literature LIT-221 3 English
Immigrant Experience in Literature LIT-223 3 English
Middle East Literature LIT-224 3 English
Dramatic Literature LIT-225 3 English
African American Literature LIT-227 3 English
Gender and Literature LIT-233 3 English
LGBTQ Literature LIT-242 3 English
Black Women in Literature LIT-250 3 English


Course TitleCourse #CreditsDepartment
Hip-Hop History MUS-137 3 Performing Arts
World Music MUS-144 3 Performing Arts
Music in the United States  MUS-147 3 Performing Arts


Course TitleCourse #CreditsDepartment
World Religions REL-111 3 History and Social Sciences


Course TitleCourse #CreditsDepartment
Environmental Science I/Lab ENV-105 4

Environmental Science


Course TitleCourse #CreditsDepartment
Cultural Anthropology SOC-109 3 Behavioral Sciences
Sociology of Race & Ethnicity SOC-227 3 Behavioral Sciences

Total Credits 15-16

Students must choose five courses from only three of the seven areas listed in the grid.

Emphasis Overview

This emphasis enables students enrolled in Associate in Arts degree programs to obtain World Studies Emphasis with no additional coursework through careful selection of General Education and elective courses needed to fulfill their degree requirements. World Studies Emphasis demonstrates acquired knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to live and work in a globally interdependent world. Students must complete five courses from the World Studies Emphasis menu. The common objective of these courses is to foster an ability to appreciate and analyze historical/contemporary experiences of diversity locally and globally. The menu includes courses in the areas of geography, history, languages, literature, music, science, and sociology.

Career Outlook

Graduates who transfer to four-year colleges or universities with a major in international studies, geography, history, literature, languages, education, classics, sociology, anthropology, religion, or a regional studies program such as Middle East Studies, find World Studies Emphasis to be an asset. Graduates with World Studies Emphasis enhance their future employability because business, government, non-profit, and education leaders now seek employees with an understanding of world issues and the capacity to work in a multicultural environment.

Upon Completion of this Concentration Graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the geographical, political, and social issues of a country or region other than their own.
  • Understand the impact of historical events, culture, political structures, religion, and/or geography on world events.
  • Demonstrate open-mindedness and curiosity with respect to other countries and cultures.
  • View global issues from multiple perspectives