Frequently Asked Questions

  • In previous years, Bunker Hill Community College reported qualified charges billed for qualified tuition and related expenses (QTRE) in box 2. This process is no longer an accepted method of reporting.
  • Effective January 1, 2018, new IRS regulations affecting all colleges and universities require BHCC to report payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses (QTRE) in Box 1 of Form 1098-T.
  • Please Note: Payments made prior to January 2018 towards Spring 2018 tuition, may not appear on Form 1098-T for 2018 due to the following reason: 
    • Spring 2018 qualified tuition & related expenses were billed in November 2017 and reported in Box 2 of the 2017 Form 1098-T.
    • Since the Qualified Tuition was reported in 2017, we cannot include payment for these items in 2018 in order to avoid duplicate reporting to the IRS in a transition year.
  • For this reason, we suggest including copies of your 2017 & 2018 1098-T as well as your account payment history when preparing your 2018 taxes.
  • While the transition can be a bit confusing, nothing has been lost or misreported during the transition from reporting in Box 2 in 2017, to reporting payments in Box 1 in 2018.

Form 1098-T is a form that colleges and universities are required to issue to students for the purpose of determining a tax payer's eligibility for education tax credits and/or deductions.

For more information about Form 1098-T:

  • Box 1 reports payments made toward Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses (QTRE) in a calendar year. Health insurance, room and board, parking, books are not considered qualified education expenses by the IRS, so payments made toward these charges will not be reflected on the 1098-T.
  • Box 2 is blank because the IRS has regulated that institutions may no longer report amounts billed beginning in 2018.
  • Box 3 will be checked this year, due to the change in reporting method mandated by IRS.
  • Box 4 will be empty in 2018 due to the change in reporting method.
  • Box 5 reports total amount of any scholarships or grants administered and processed by BHCC during the calendar year, for the payment of the student’s cost of attendance (which includes non-qualified expenses such as books, room and board). Scholarships and grants include payments received from 3rd parties (excluding family members and loan proceeds). This includes payments received from governmental and private entities such as an employer, the Department of Defense, civic and religious organizations, and nonprofit entities.
  • Box 6 reports adjustment to scholarships or grants for a prior year. This may affect the amount of any allowable tuition and fees deduction or education credits that were claimed for the prior year.  You may have to file an amended tax return (Form 1040X) for the prior year.
  • Box 7 will be checked if you are registered and have been billed for the spring 2019 term.
  • Box 8 is checked if the student was at least half-time during any academic period during the calendar year.

This form is intended to assist you or your parents in the preparation of your federal income tax return. The College sends the form out to assist you or the person who can claim you in preparing your taxes and reports the information to the Internal Revenue Service. The form should not be considered as tax opinion or advice. Please provide the information needed to your tax preparer to determine if you are eligible for any tax credits. Please be aware that the responsibility for your individual tax circumstances rests with the taxpayer alone, and the College cannot take responsibility for your interpretation of this information.

Bunker Hill Community College and its employees cannot provide tax information, assistance, or advice. If you have any questions, you should consult with a qualified tax professional, your accountant or contact the IRS Taxpayer Assistance line at 1-800-829-1040. The IRS web site ( has many documents, including some self-help topics for tax filers.

BHCC is not required to file Form 1098-T or furnish a statement for:

  • Non-credit program courses for which no academic credit is offered, even if the student is otherwise enrolled in a degree program.

  • Nonresident alien students unless requested by the student. Students may email his/her request to or you may call (617) 228-2370. Please be sure to provide us with your full name and Student Identification number so that we may access your account.

  • Students whose qualified tuition and related expenses are entirely waived or paid entirely with scholarships, Federal grants (PELL, SEOG, etc.) and state grants such as Massachusetts cash grants.

  • Students whose qualified tuition and related expenses are covered by a formal billing arrangement between BHCC and the student's employer or a government entity, such as the Department of Veterans' Affairs, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, AmeriCorps, etc..

BHCC is required annually to furnish you with a Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement, which reports qualified tuition and related expenses associated with your enrollment at BHCC. In order for us to prepare the forms accurately, Federal law requires you to furnish us with your correct taxpayer identification number (TIN). Generally, this number will be your Social Security Number (SSN) or, if you are not eligible to obtain an SSN, you must obtain an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and provide that number to us.

If you did not provide this information upon enrollment or admissions, you must provide it on the BHCC Substitute Form W-9S available from this link: Failure to furnish your correct SSN or TIN to BHCC may result in the IRS assessing you a penalty.

Return the completed Form W-9S in person to Student Central, located at the Charlestown Campus in the B Building, or access and complete online through your secured BHCC email;

Or mail to:
Bunker Hill Community College
Student Central B Building Lobby
250 New Rutherford Avenue
Boston, MA 02129

BHCC generates thousands of 1098-T forms each year. Each form must be postmarked (if mailed) by January 31. You could receive yours prior to the deadline by doing the following:

  1. Log into https://selfservice.bhcc. edu/student
  2. Enter your User ID and Password to log on
  3. Click on Tax Information
  4. Click on 2018 Tax Statement to view/print the current year tax form


    It will be mailed to your address listed in your BHCC student profile. The “Preferred” address is our first choice. If you changed your address, please update your address at Student Central.

    NO. The fastest way to obtain your 1098-T information is to follow these instructions to get a copy of your form.

    1. Log into
    2. Enter your User ID and Password to log on
    3. Click on Tax Information
    4. Click on 2018 Tax Statement to view/print the current year tax form

    As required by FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974), Bunker Hill Community College and its personnel cannot provide this information directly to parents, other persons who may claim the student as a dependent, or a third party. If you are claimed as a dependent on another person's tax return (such as your parent's return), you are responsible for providing them with the information. For additional information on FERPA, please visit the following website:

    Follow the instructions for the question (When will my 1098-T be mailed to me?)

    It provides you and your tax preparer with information on amounts which may reduce your tax liability.

    Consult your accountant, tax preparer, or Internal Revenue Service ( on which amounts you can include for tax purposes.

    You may access your statement by logging into and choosing Account Activity by term.

    Please contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at 1-800-829-1040 or consult a personal tax advisor for further information relating to your eligibility for and/or calculation of these tax credits.