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BHCC and Lawyers For Civil Rights Small Business Initiative

Grow Your Business in 10 Weeks. Workshops begin May 16.

Bunker Hill Community College in partnership with LCR/Biz Grow offers a 10-week seminar free to bring practical solution to minority, immigrant, and women business owners to start and run a successful business. Students will get the opportunity to learn from experts who will present on topics ranging from entity formation to social media marketing and everything in between. The series of workshops touch on some of the most common legal issues that entrepreneurs encounter, including entity formation, contracts, and leases.

The course will consist of asynchronous workshops covering a new topic every week supplemented by optional weekly office hours on Friday from 12-1 p.m. where students will be able to connect with the class speakers.

LCR BizGrow

Check out a full list of our workshops.

This class will focus on the ins and outs of selling online as a small business. Small business experts will discuss how to build an ecommerce store while breaking down the different platforms available to small business owners.

To sign up, please complete the registration form. After sign up we will provide the information to have access to the course and office hours.

For questions, please email  sgomez@lawyersforcivilrights.org



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