Performing Arts

Performing Arts Program

Explore a career in performing arts at Bunker Hill Community College! The creative arts are Boston’s third largest career path, and BHCC offers two exciting Associate in Arts Degrees to help you start a new career in this growing field.

  • The Associate in Arts Degree in Music will prepare you in the foundations of music theory, history, and practice. It also helps students develop skills in music for their personal enrichment.  Learn more about the Associate in Arts Degree in Music.
  • The Associate in Arts Degree in Theatre prepares you to transfer to four-year colleges or universities to seek bachelor’s degrees in theatre arts, theatre education (elementary or secondary), literature/drama, public speaking, or communication. Learn more about the Associate in Arts Degree in Theatre.

Planning to pursue a bachelor's degree in performing arts? Graduates of these Associate in Arts programs may qualify to transfer using benefits of MassTransfer to a four-year state college or University of Massachusetts campus. For current information on eligible programs, visit

BHCC Popular Music Ensemble - "Girl on Fire" (Alicia Keys cover)

BHCC College Choir - "Flowering" (Rie Daisies, Iliya Ryakhovskiy)


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