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International Community Programs

Communities of Intercultural Learning (CoIL) in Boston, Massachusetts (U.S.A.)

Learning, Discovery and Fun in the Hub

What is the ideal way to experience a culture? By encountering it first-hand. 

CoIL Boston is a unique, short-term U.S. culture program combining learning and fun in a study tour for international high school and university groups. CoIL Boston is held at Bunker Hill Community College, the largest community college in Massachusetts.

CoIL Boston Philosophy

CoIL Boston’s success equation is simple: (Learning + Fun) * Curiosity3 = Amazing Discoveries.  We design a learning plan and mix it with an active ingredient called fun. Participants use their curiosities to cultivate amazing discoveries in one of the world’s most intellectually stimulating cities. Bringing a very curious mind is required ingredient to having a successful CoIL Boston experience.

CoIL Boston promotes better collaborations and decision-making to help improve cross-cultural understanding. A focus on U.S. cultural practices, customs and the history of America helps students determine what America is like.

At its heart, CoIL Boston is a short-term, dynamic, study tour concept that allows participants to learn, have fun and make amazing discoveries that last a lifetime.

Program Details for Tour Operators, School Administrators and Group Leaders

Ideal CoIL Boston participants include high school students (juniors and seniors), university students, and education travel groups.  We collaborate with school administrators and tour leaders to design a stimulating and memorable experience.  

All seminars are conducted at Bunker Hill Community College, which is located in historic Charlestown not far from downtown Boston.  Originally a Puritan city during the colonial era and founded in 1628, Charlestown is a nice neighborhood made up of middle-class, upper-middle class, housing projects and a large working class Irish-American demographic. Seminars in the morning are generally followed by lunch and afternoon excursions in the city.

CoIL Boston is similar to a study abroad program in that it introduces students to a new culture, yet different in that it can be completed in a short period of time; one-to-four weeks. The advantage of this format is that students do not have to commit to a full semester.  While no college credits are awarded, each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

Students follow a prescribed, well-planned itinerary. Trained BHCC student tour guides lead the group on excursions. Each day generally starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. where students return to their host families to eat dinner, engage in family activities, and retire for the night.  This living arrangement exposes them to the American way of life. NOTE: Each homestay experience is unique. Some families are more active than others and we cannot guarantee each homestay experience has regularly planned evening activities.
In summary, your group will experience Boston and U.S. culture through seminars and mixed BHCC classes, learning field trips, historic site visits, community service projects, and homestays. 

About Boston, Massachusetts

Affectionately known as the “Hub of the Universe”, Boston is one of America’s most historic cities. It is an economic and cultural hub of New England, the northeastern corner of the United States that covers Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut.  The city is renowned for its literary legacies, prestigious higher-education institutions, world-class hospitals, high-tech know-how, and medical leadership and innovation. With a population of nearly 5 million, the Boston area is a major commerce center, with jobs in finance, health care, education and service. Its history, vibrant art and cultural life, world-class shops, four-star restaurants and neighborhood bistros make Boston one of the world’s favorite destinations, attracting more than 18 million visitors annually.