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Hybrid Dental Assisting Technician Program with Clinical Externship

Hybrid Dental Assisting Technician Program With Clinical Externship NON-900E

Online Course: Prepare to become a Dental Assistant. This hybrid course allows you to take the "classroom" portion remotely via pre-recorded and live webinar sessions. Students will be assigned to a clinical setting at a later date and upon completion of the training. Students who take an online course should be self-motivated to and have access to the internet.

Upon registration, students will be mailed their textbook and a free laptop. Students may begin the online course once they've received their materials.The online portion of the course is approximately 120 hours and most students will complete their certification in 8-16 weeks. Labs will take place at a later date once the College resumes face-to-face classes or students will be assigned an externship placement. On-campus lab dates are dependent on the number of students registered.

SectionDatesDays and TimesInstructorFeeRegister
NON-900E-FN01Sep 21 - Nov 23
This course is Asynchronous