Learning Community Seminar Offerings

Learning Community Seminars are three-credit college level courses designed to help incoming students identify academic goals and pathways. Seminars engage students in early career exploration and feature integrated support services, including peer mentors and success coach advisors. Most programs of study recommend or require specific Learning Community Seminar courses; for example, students in the Liberal Arts take HUM-120. Students may check their program maps to find recommended seminar courses.

Each Seminar section is supported by a designated Success Coach and ACE Peer Mentor. The Success Coach collaborates with Seminar instructors and assists students with setting short and long-term goals, educational planning and career exploration. Peer Mentors embedded in the Seminars help new students adjust to the College’s academic and social environment and serve as model learners, peer teachers and study group facilitators.

First-time to-college students pursuing associate degrees and enrolled in nine or more credits are required to take a Learning Community Seminar or a Learning Community Cluster within their first year.

HUM-120: Self, Culture and Society

Catalog Description

This course uses a critical lens to examine the interrelationship among self, culture and society by integrating academic knowledge with personal experiences. Students engage in inclusive dialogue, create knowledge using diverse forms of media, personalize and map future goals, and explore career pathways. This course is designed to cultivate community among classmates and provide opportunities for mentorship by faculty, peers, and advisors. Students reflect on their role in creating a more just society that advances equity and values community cultural wealth.

Fulfills General Education Elective, meets requirements for Mass Transfer Gen Ed Foundation Humanities and Arts; fully transferable, fits into Liberal Arts and most AA programs of study

Identifying HUM-120 Sections in BHCCselfservice

In BHCC’s self-service course catalog, multiple sections of HUM-120 are available.  Once you click on the course for section details, the theme is noted under “Additional Information". See below example of a HUM-120 course.  Please note that some sections of HUM-120 are clustered with another course and a designated with a C code.

Screenshot of selfservice showing how to identify the class HUM-120 in the course list

HUM-120 Student Learning Outcomes


Apply an equity lens to engage in empowering educational and career exploration that examines the interrelationship of work and social mobility


Generate inclusive dialogue by a) listening to and expressing points of view on arguable topics in an atmosphere of mutual respect and civility and b) considering audience, situation and intercultural context

Demonstrate ability to navigate a variety of digital tools that facilitate evaluation of information, creation of knowledge and expression of self through diverse forms of media


Integrate knowledge from academic fields with personal experiences in order to inform one's own role in creating a more just society that advances equity and values community cultural wealth


Examine own and others’ assumptions, biases, and experiences including acknowledging contradictions within diverse and intersectional identities and perspectives

Examine existing power structures and world views as they impact equity and/or cultural wealth



Soo Park, Dean