Withdrawal from Course or College

Before you withdraw from a course, the semester or the college please consider the following:

  • Check the Academic Calendar for withdrawal deadlines
  • Failure to attend or ceasing to attend a class or classes does not constitute official withdrawal from the College and results in grades of F or NA for the course or courses.
  • Failure to withdraw formally may affect students’ academic standing and eligibility to receive financial aid (see Satisfactory Academic Progress).
  • Students desiring to be readmitted to the College must submit a new application if they register for courses within two consecutive semesters of the date of withdrawal.
  • *Speak with your academic advisor about the impact your withdrawal will have on your progress
  •  If you withdraw from a course or the college you will receive a ‘W’ grade on your transcript for the courses registered
  • There are no tuition refunds issued to students who withdraw. The refund policy can be viewed on the Refunds page of the Student Accounts website. For more information check with the Student Accounts Office

Withdrawal from Course(s):

Students can withdraw from one or more courses, without withdrawing from their program and the College. The course withdrawal form is listed in your Self-Service

On the course withdrawal form, you will be able to select the course or courses you wish to withdraw from:

Course Withdrawal Form screenshot


Withdrawal from Semester or College:

Students can withdraw from the semester (plan to return the following semester) or from the College (you do not plan to return) by withdrawing from all their classes. The semester withdrawal form is listed in your Self-Service.

On the Semester withdrawal form, you will have two options: to withdraw from the semester or from the college. Please select from one of the two options on the form:


Semester Withdrawal Form screenshot



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