ELL Program Mission and Outcomes

Mission Statement

We believe that non-native English speakers succeed in college when they are supported in applying their multi-lingual skills and cultural knowledge, and when academic content and English language skills are learned together. For these reasons the ELL Program is modeled on the following best program and teaching practices:

  1. Students accelerate as soon as possible into college credit classes using multiple pathways based on their needs and abilities.
  2. Challenging academic content drives the learning through linked content classes and thematically organized ELL classes.
  3. ELL instruction
    1. integrates the learning of language skills and content.
    2. supports students in communicating and negotiating meaning.
    3. helps students make meaningful connections between academic content and personal experiences.
  4. Assessments are holistic with multiple measures to assess and continuously advance students.
  5. We support continuous improvement and collaboration across departments and work areas with on-going professional development.

ELL Program Student Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete ELL courses can: 

  • Build upon prior knowledge and experiences, using critical reading and listening skills to generate and communicate new knowledge. 
  • Develop and improve pieces of writing, considering their audience and purpose, using the writing process. 
  • Develop, organize and present ideas fluently, orally and in writing, to inform and persuade audiences. 
  • Make personal connections between the curriculum, their learning and their lives.