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Databases: Additional Resources and Databases Trials

Temporary Databases and Database Trials

Academic Search Ultimate - Temporary Database. From EBSCO. Available until June 15, 2020.

Business Source Ultimate - Temporary Database. From EBSCO. Available until June 15, 2020.

Political Science Complete - Trial. From EBSCO. Available until April 27, 2020.

eBook Subscription Harvard Business Publishing Collection - Trial. From EBSCO. Available until May 25, 2020.



Access to databases from off-campus and through database apps:


Access to databases is not limited to on-campus and from a desktop.  You can now add a database app to your mobile device, and you can also access the databases from off-campus. 

1. Click Here To Learn How To Access Our Databases From Off-Campus

2. Click Here To Learn How To Add Apps For EBSCO, EBSCO eBooks, Gale, and Kanopy


Additional Resources

Click the following link to get a search box that allows you to search in specific journals, resulting in showing the databases that include the journals: EBSCO's Full Text Finder

Click for a list of Current Periodicals and Newspapers (which can be found in our Circulating collection - please ask at the Lending Services desk for the exact location)

Click for a list of (like the Internet Archive and Project Gutenberg) that provide free and open content.

eBooks & eAudiobooks: Visit the BHCC Library eBooks & eAudiobooks Homepage for more information.

Online Digital Content: Visit the BHCC library webpage for links to online content (books, articles and other types of information) that is free and accessible by all.

  • NOTE: Many of the accessible books are in the public domain, which are no longer under copyright protection.