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BHCC observes the following grade processes

  1. NA Grades
  2. Mid-Term Warning Grades
  3. Final Grades
  4. Change of Grades
  5. BHCC Grading Scheme
  6. How to Calculate GPA
  7. Probation and Suspension
  8. Fresh Start

NA Grades

During the third and fourth week of each semester, we are required to evaluate all current semester enrollments for NA (Never Attended, Federal Financial Aid regulation). Once you receive NA grade, you will be withdrawn from the course. If you are receiving Financial Aid and an NA grade is recorded, your Financial Aid will be stopped. All students, whether you are receiving Financial Aid or not, will be evaluated for NA grade. It is your responsibility to make sure that we have evidence that you are attending and progressing in your course during the first 4 weeks. That evidence includes: Assignments passed in, exams taken, other tasks in your syllabus, and speaking with your course facilitator at least once a week.

Mid-Term Warning Grades

Faculty may issue midterm warning grades during week 7 - 8 of the semester to students who may be in jeopardy of not successfully completing their course. Grades of D or F may be issued to students whose course work is below requirements to earn a grade of C or better in the course.

A grade of FX is issued to students who may be in jeopardy of failing the course due to attendance concerns.

Students should speak with their professor immediately to develop a plan to get back on track. A variety of support services are also available to students; please stop by the LifeMap Commons in room E235 for a referral.

Midterm warning grades can be viewed by logging into myBHCC and selecting “Grades” under the Academic Profile menu of BHCCselfservice.

Final Grades

Final grades are issued within 48 hours after the last scheduled day of the class. Final grades can be viewed by logging into myBHCC and either selecting “Grades” or “Transcript” under the Academic Profile Menu.

Change of Grade

Students must direct questions regarding grades to the course instructor. The instructor will change final grades only if a clerical error exists. Students must submit a written request to the instructor for re-evaluation if they feel that an error exists. The final decision regarding grades rests with the instructor. Students may initiate grade complaints no later than 30 calendar days following the last day of the instructional period for which the grade was granted.

Refer to Grade Appeal Process for more information.

BHCC Grading Scheme

Final grades will appear on your academic transcript.

Grade / Notation


Quality Points Per Credit Hour*


Equivalent to a numerical grade of 94 – 100



Equivalent to a numerical grade of 90 – 93



Equivalent to a numerical grade of 87 – 89



Equivalent to a numerical grade of 83 – 86



Equivalent to a numerical grade of 80 - 82



Equivalent to a numerical grade of 77 - 79



Equivalent to a numerical grade of 70 - 76



Equivalent to a numerical grade of 60 - 69



Equivalent to a numerical grade of 0 - 59



Indicates satisfactory completion of coursework where no letter grade is given, or award of credits for a course by special examination. It is equivalent to a grade of C or higher and carries no quality points. Credit hours will be given equivalent to the number of credit hours normally assigned to the course.



Required work in the course is in progress. The method and time for completion of work must be agreed upon in writing by student and instructor; no credit is earned until the course is completed. IPs not completed by the end of the following semester are automatically changed to a grade of F unless an IP extension is agreed upon in writing by student and instructor and submitted to the Academic Records Office.



Audit; no credit earned



NA Students who register for a specific course and who have not attended class meetings during the first two weeks of the semester will be withdrawn from the course and receive the grade designation NA (non-attendance) which will appear on the transcript and be counted toward credits attempted but not computed in the grade point average. The NA grade designation is not used during the summer semester.



Official withdrawal from a course; no credit earned



Administrative withdrawal from a course; no credit earned


* The total quality points for a course is computed by multiplying the grade quality point by the number of credits for the course; for example, an A in College Writing (3 credits) produces 12.0 quality points.

How to Calculate GPA

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is computed by dividing the total number of quality points by the total number of credit hours attempted at Bunker Hill Community College. Grades of AU, IP, P, NA, W and WA are not calculated in the semester, cumulative or graduation grade point average. All grades are used in determining satisfactory academic progress, suspension and probation.

A Graduation Grade Point Average (GCPA) is calculated in the same manner but excludes developmental course work (i.e. courses numbered below 100).

Your GPA by semester can be viewed by logging into myBHCC and selecting ”Grade Point Average by Term” under the Academic Profile Menu of WebAdvisor.

A GPA Calculator can assist you in determining your GPA based on anticipated grades, such as this GPA Calculator by Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

Probation and Suspension

To continue at Bunker Hill Community College and/or receive financial aid, students must make satisfactory academic progress toward a degree or certificate.

See the Satisfactory Academic Progress section of the Student Handbook for more information.

Academic Probation

The College places those students on academic probation who fail to meet the criterion of satisfactory academic progress.

Academic Suspension

The College will suspend students from attending the College if they have failed to meet specified GPA and progress standards or remain on Academic Probation for three consecutive semesters.


Students placed on academic probation or suspension from the College for unsatisfactory academic progress have the right to appeal. See the Academic Policies and Procedures section of the College Catalog.

Fresh Start

Students who have not attempted or completed courses at Bunker Hill Community College for at least five years or more may qualify for a second chance or fresh start on building a satisfactory grade point average (GPA).

Under the Fresh Start Policy, students may enroll without having to carry a very poor GPA record or low completion rate from years back that could prevent them from ever earning a GPA or completion rate sufficient to lead to graduation or completion of a program.

See the Fresh Start Policy in the Student Handbook for more information.