Police Transparency & Accountability

The Bunker Hill Community College Department of Public Safety and Campus Police (BHCCPD) is a department committed to positive change.  We understand the importance of our role in improving public safety, community engagement, increasing public trust, and implementing reform.  As such, BHCCPD is taking a proactive role in building stronger relationships with the community we serve.  We continue to provide our officers with valuable in-service training programs and have implemented a transparency & accountability platform.  This platform is meant to uphold police integrity, deter misconduct and restore and/or enhance public confidence in policing.

Police officers are given great authority and as a result, have undeniable responsibilities to the people they serve. It is our obligation to ensure that our police officers are thoroughly trained, consistently supervised and that our interactions with the community are reviewed and documented. Like any organization, every law enforcement agency needs a strong, healthy work culture to operate effectively. We at BHCCPD are committed to having such an environment.

At the Department of Public Safety and Campus Police, we believe in fair and impartial policing in the service of all community members. We understand that we can positively impact our community outside of traditional police enforcement activities. We work diligently to build and sustain trust and positive relationships with the diverse community we serve at Bunker Hill Community College. As communities across the U.S. continue to contend with racism, we support the College’s mission to confront racial injustice.

This Proactive Integrity Initiative was formally implemented in the summer of 2020. We understand transparency builds trust. Therefore, the Proactive Integrity Initiative encompasses several specific areas of agency functionality:

  1. Training Transparency – an accounting of annual police training
  2. Collecting and analyzing traffic stop data and subsequently publishing complaint and traffic stop data online
  3. Promoting guidelines for making comments, complaints commendations, and inquiries
  4. Public Safety Working Group – The Public Safety Working Group - Framework

The BHCCPD takes great pride in being accountable and accessible to the unique and diverse needs of the college community.  We place a high value upon teamwork and expect our officers to act as role models and leaders in all they do. We recognize we are in an ever-changing environment and therefore continuously evaluate the quality, efficiency and appropriateness of our efforts and welcome feedback as an opportunity to improve.

Contact and Hours

Emergency: 617-228-2222 
On-Campus Fire Emergencies Dial 911 

Campus Police Business Office/General Information 
Charlestown: 617-228-2053 | Chelsea: 617-228-3359 
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Chief of Police Admin Assistant/Parking Clerk 

Contracted Security Desk
On the premises 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Charlestown (Main): 617-228-2250